quinta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2015

Indonesia: Volcano leads to the closure of the airport of Bali

Concerned, a volcanic eruption, which led to the cancellation of about 700 international flights departing to or more Indonesia Island tourist destination.

Nearly 700 flights canceled as Bali airport closed over volcanic eruption https://t.co/C112D36wQh pic.twitter.com/KxATkZLpdP

Closed are also two smaller airports on the island of Lombok, where the volcano is located â€" and on the big island of Java.

Passengers conform with the situation. A Dutch tourist explains: "we were supposed to go to Australia; then they transferred us to Singapore but the flight was also canceled. In principle, Thursday we go to Singapore and then we go to Perth. "

The airport was closed Tuesday because of thick clouds of ash spit them out of the vulção of Mount Rinjani. The volcano's activity began to increase last week.

Indonesia Volcano Closes Bali Airport as Airlines Cancel Flights https://t.co/NpHEjByB6e pic.twitter.com/ppXiGFUx5H

It's not the first time that the authorities in Bali are forced to interrupt air traffic. The Indonesia is located on the so-called Pacific ring of fire, a zone of high seismic and volcanic activity with more than 120 active volcanoes and 65 qualified as dangerous.

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