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Obama against terrestrial intervention in Syria

Barack Obama doesn't want u.s. troops to fight on the ground, in Syria.

The message was left in the second and final day of the G20 Summit in Antalya, on Turkey, where terrorism turned out to be the main theme, even in the aftermath of the attacks in Paris.

Attacks that took place the day after Obama have said that the Group Islamic State was "contained": "the Daesh is the face of evil. Some people have suggested that we put a large number of American troops on the ground. That is not my vision, not of my civilian and military advisors, to whom it would be a mistake, "said the us President.

"The overwhelming majority of victims of ISIL are themselves Muslims." â€"@POTUS https://t.co/rI7IbBxHnv

The Russia has led the bombing against the terrorist groups in Syria. Vladimir Putin is not contained in the criticism of the funding schemes Daesh, departing, according to him, the G20 countries too: "as I said, the financing channels have to be cut. I gave examples based on the information I have about the Group Islamic State is being funded by individuals from about 40 countries, including the G20 ", words from the Russian President.

#G20 Summit concluded in Antalya. G20 leaders adopted a Communique and a Statement on the Fight against Terrorism https://t.co/2wSsEQoTnO

Despite the differences that remain, the major powers have reached agreement on the fight against terrorism and about the political future of Syria.

However, the Daesh published a new video in which threatens new Western cities, especially the capital, Washington.

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