quarta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2015

Portugal: Cavaco called again to choose

A left-wing coalition led by the PS or a government management to Portugal? It will be up to President Anibal Cavaco Silva to choose, after the rejection of the Government program, which precipitated the fall of the Executive of Pedro Passos Coelho.

The social democratic leader says that the PSD is prepared to be part of a strong opposition:

"We have a notion of government service and, therefore, that disappointment for the opposition delight with a false idea, which is that cost us a lot out of the Government. It's not every day you get out of the Government with the vote of the electorate. "

The European Socialist Party welcomed the "historic agreement" between the formations of the Portuguese left and called on Chand to António Costa the mandate to form a Government, according to the Socialist leader, has "stable governance conditions":

"That, for the first time, there may be a Government resulting from parliamentary agreements between the PS, the Left block, the PCP and PEV is indeed a novelty. A novelty that values the pluralism, parliamentary democracy strengthens and enriches the alternatives of Government. "

Cavaco receives this Wednesday Passos Coelho and the President of the Assembly of the Republic, Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues. Will have to hear the other parties before appoint a new Prime Minister or choose a management Government until new elections, which would not be before June.

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