quinta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2015

Slovenia lifts "technical barrier" on the border with Croatia

The Slovenian army began today to install barbed wire barriers on the country's border with Croatia.

The measure, announced yesterday by the Government, seeks to control the flow of migrants across the country since October, bound for Austria and Germany.

The Prime Minister's Executive Miro Cerar back to have the possibility of a total closure of the borders, as in the case of Hungary.

"This influx of refugees could threaten security in Slovenia and as Prime Minister I can't afford the risk of a humanitarian catastrophe in our territory. The fence will make it possible to avoid the uncontrolled flow of migrants, driving them to border crossings where they can be controlled more effectively ".

Slovenia claims to have already received more than 180 thousand refugees in recent weeks, when more than 6 thousand people crossed the border of the country yesterday with Austria.

About 175 police officers from several European countries in recent days reinforced border controls in the country, when 100 more agents are expected in the coming days.

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