segunda-feira, 9 de novembro de 2015

Romania: balance of disco fire rises to 45 dead

The victims of the tragic fire at a club in Bucharest at the end of October rises to 45, after hospital officials report the death of four people, who have succumbed to serious injuries.

In front of the Club, in Romanian capital Colectiv, a mass was held Sunday in memory of the victims.

With more than 100 injured hospitalized, many of them still in serious condition, the balance may continue to worsen and various Romanian media have accused the Government of running with slow service operations and sending a part of patients abroad.

The Secretary of State for health Raed Arafat, says that "the situation is quite critical, because there are patients in unstable situation, which can degenerate quickly, in particular during transport. Therefore, the operations are the focus on two points: decongest the hospitals, which are saturated, and at the same time choose correctly the patients who can be sent to other countries ".

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