segunda-feira, 9 de novembro de 2015

Turkish and Italian among victims of fire in Bucharest disco

The Turkish Ambassador in Romania explained that, according to a friend of the students, "following the fire, they left together at the Club and caught a cab to the hospital. Talked the whole way and said they were fine. The young Turkish I really thought there was no problem. But when they arrived at the hospital, both he and the Italian youngster started screaming and were quickly taken to the emergency room ".

The Turkey was one of the countries to send medical teams to Bucharest to help Romanian authorities to watch all those injured in the fire.

Osman Koray Ertas says "four doctors of the Turkish army and the Ministry of health" are already in the Romanian capital. The Ambassador explains that accompanied personally, to the hospital, one of the doctors in question, a great specialist in Turkey of injuries linked to the fires, which have been "supporting the fellow Romanians".

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