domingo, 8 de novembro de 2015

Space: six women of the head

An exclusively female crew returned, this Friday, 8 days of space simulation.

The 6 potential Russian cosmonauts have spent the last week ended in a capsule simuladora lunar flights. The exercise aimed to test the effects of stress and confinement to space travel themselves. Apparently, everything went well.

Daria Komissarova, one of the aspiring Cosmonaut, laughed the situation: "we haven't had any conflicts. And I would like to say to all those who were skeptical and you've been writing on social networks that would end up fighting with each other that we're forced to disappoint them: don't live at all, this kind of situation. "

This isn't the first time that Russian space medicine Agency performs this kind of test â€" but this is the first time that performs just with women.

#RussiaToday: Lunar test: All-female Russian crew complete 8-day Moon flight… #News_Monsta

The voluntary 6 have knowledge of medicine and Biophysics and were 30 scientific experiments in the capsule Simulator.

To Polina Kuznetsova, another potential Cosmonaut, the experience was very real: "we have been living in isolation in a world apart. Or wanted to believe we were in Moscow. We felt like we were, if not in space, at least anywhere else â€" but not in Moscow. "

The Russia sent his first wife â€" Valentina Tereshkova â€" into space in 1963, two years after Yuri Gagarin.

Earlier this year, the Russian space agency Roscosmos â€" â€" has announced plans for a new manned mission to the Moon in 2029.

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