terça-feira, 17 de novembro de 2015

Terrorism: solidarity to Paris the world and Madonna's tears

All over the world followed the tributes to the victims of the attacks on Friday in Paris. In Portugal, the French-speaking Catholic community joined in Lisbon for a mass.

In Berlin, five hundred concentrated near the French Embassy and sang the national anthem, "La Marseillaise". One of the gifts, Rudi Volk, said that "we are all one human race, one world". "We were sad that something like this happens where anywhere in this world. It was a bit sad because it revealed a scale of levels of terrorism, considered this German.

In Spain, hundreds of people also focused on the Embassy of France in Madrid, placed flowers and candles, and clapped in tribute to the victims of the attacks.

World shows support for #Paris with French colors https://t.co/Ps7cvLe0UI pic.twitter.com/2T9YS8cGKK

In Russia, the Embassy of France in Moscow was also a destination for many who did not hesitate to face the cold and snow to join to fight the French. "I think anyone with sense is touched with it whatever their nationality. May be Russian, Syrian or French, I believe everybody is supporting the France right now, "said one of the many people who joined this tribute for the victims of the Russian attacks.

In Stockholm, Sweden, Madonna gave Saturday the sixth concert of the current European tour, which has no stopover in Portugal. Near the end, the artist performed "La Vie en Rose" by Edith Piaff, and dedicated the song to all of France.

Shortly before that, in the introduction to "Like a Prayer", the American artist, of Italian ancestry, revealed having considered canceling this concert in Sweden, which took place after the attacks of 12:00 am Paris, but considered that it would be giving in to terrorism. Madonna is not the case, however, the tears as she sang.

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