segunda-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2015

Ankara Kurdish rebels in Bezabde crushes and Girikoma

The Government imposed curfew to 24 hours in the cities of Bezabde and Girikoma, allowing troops and the police â€" supported by tanks and heavily armed vehicles to attack militants of the Kurdistan Workers ' Party (PKK) fighting for autonomy in these cities and in neighboring towns.

On Thursday, Ankara announced the beginning of a decisive campaign against PKK militants.

The European human rights body, the Council of Europe, expressed concern at the intensification of violence but Turkish authorities say it comes to protect civilians:

"Our citizens can feel safe. The Turkey will not take a step back in the law, justice and democracy. Terror is the enemy of life and it is the duty of Government to protect people's lives. Is our main duty to protect the right that people have. "

After two years of ceasefire, fighting resumed in 2014 between Turkish forces and the PKK, killing peace negotiations launched at the end of 2012 to end a conflict which has already caused more than 40 1000 dead since 1984.

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