domingo, 20 de dezembro de 2015

Syria: Moscow says it can work with all in favor of peace

The President ordered to publish the pictures on social networks. This same location, hours later, target of mortar rounds that fell near the Church without causing victims.

The great powers endorsed on Friday at the United Nations, a resolution for a ceasefire in Syria and beginning peace negotiations from January.

The Russian Foreign Minister reminded the UN Council that not all opposition groups the Bachar can participate in the dialogue.

"I don't think all the fighting groups should participate in the talks. Only the Syrians that represent the opposition â€" the armed opposition but the patriotic-those who are not involved in terrible actions perpetrated by ISIS or al-Nusra. “

Moscow says it can easily work with all sides involved in efforts to resolve the conflict.

"There are still some issues that we're trying to solve, and one of them is the percentage of Russian attacks aimed at the forces of opposition and Daesh (ISIS). We're working on it. But if more than 80% the attacks aimed at the opposition instead of the ISIL have a problem that we must face and we have to cooperate to solve, "says John Kerry.

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