terça-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2015

Blatter will appeal

Blow to the two most powerful men in soccer, Joseph Blatter, Fifa President since 1998, and Michel Platini, President of Uefa since 2007.

The two were suspended for eight years from any football-related activity but have already stated that they will appeal.

"To say it's a bribe, that's totally wrong and I'm sure in the next level, the next step is the Board of appeal of the FIFA, or the TAS (Court of arbitration for sport), they're going to change it because it's not true. I never in my life, I would never offer money to get something. “

The announcement was made on Monday by Justice inside the entity that commands the world football.

At issue is the payment of 1.8 billion euros in 2011 from Blatter to Platini, supposedly for advisory work to Fifa concluded a decade before, without a written contract.

David Bernstein, former England football comments: "Blatter presided over a corrupt organization, there is no doubt but the situation of Platini is very different. He's a good football man, was in a very strong position, until recently, UEFA is a very clean, as far as I know so he got caught out there ".

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