terça-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2015

Denmark will do anything to deter refugee entry

Trains from Sweden to Denmark are being partially blocked for emigrants by Danish police.

The most recent bill that the Government wants to approve aims to prevent refugees from reaching the national territory and those arriving are without valuable objects that can carry.

The proposal, presented Dec. 10, allows the Danish authorities search clothing and carry-on baggage who asks for asylum to find goods that can "cover."

This is the justification of the Government over the new measure, which should enter into force as early as February next year, if approved.

The Ministry of integration, quoted by the newspaper "The Washington Post", explains that "the new rule will be applied only to objects of considerable value", without realising, however, what will be the value in question.

This is not the first time that Denmark imposes restrictions on the arrival of refugees.

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