quarta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2015

Panama's Supreme Court orders the "pretrial detention" of former President Martinelli

The politician and businessman, of 63 years, who ruled the Central American country between 2009 and 2014, is, according to the lawyers, living in the United States for almost a year, since it was opened the first of six processes faces in court.

The decision to order the detention of the former head of State was taken at the end of more than 5 hours of deliberation the judges.

For the prosecution, the warrant is "a good way" of Panama to start showing "that not only former Presidents, as in the case of Martinelli, but also Ministers, members of Parliament and all those who trample the dignity of the Panamanian people have to pay for their acts to justice. Enough with such impunity that the country has seen for decades, "concluded the lawyer Marco Antonio Bernal.

Martinelli says he is the target of political persecution and reacted on Twitter the Supreme decision stating that it was the "first round of a political trial."

Round 1 of Impeachment: without being on record, without charges, without proper notification and without condemnation is ordered provisional detention.

Two former heads of Martinelli's safety are detained and awaiting trial in this case.

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