sábado, 12 de dezembro de 2015

Canada: PM Trudeau welcomes first Syrian refugees

The first group of 163 Syrian refugees landing in Canada was received at the airport by Prime Minister. Justin Trudeau helped distribute clothes to the newcomers and justified his presence because this is a day no one will forget.

Welcome to Canada. pic.twitter.com/xEOn44GjJF

The new center-left Government had promised host 25 1000 people until the end of the year, but logistical difficulties forced a change of plans. Until 31 December will land in Canada 2000 refugees and the remaining 15 1000 will arrive until March 1. The transport is performed by military equipment that will start coming in daily.

The Canada is the first country in North America to open its doors to refugees Syrians. Barak Obama has undertaken to receive 2000 refugees but half of the States of the Union have already said they would not receive any.

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