domingo, 13 de dezembro de 2015

Conflict: 3 Palestinians killed in West Bank and Gaza Strip

This Friday, three Palestinians were killed in clashes with the army of Tel Aviv.

According to the Israeli forces, two Palestinians were shot in the city of Hebron, in the West Bank.

One of the men tried to run over a group of Israeli soldiers and was shot down.

Shortly after, in a violent demonstration, another Palestinian was shot.

The violence spread to the Gaza Strip, controlled by the Islamic group Hamas. A group of Palestinians expressed, along the border with Israel, throwing stones and other objects against the military from Tel Aviv. The soldiers fought back and a Palestinian died and 58 were wounded, according to local doctors.

Since October, the region has been beset by a wave of violence.

Car attacks or stabbings have caused the deaths of 19 Israelis and Americans.

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