sexta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2015

China wants to see business between Taiwan and the United States cancelled

Is the response of China after the us Congress have given the green light to the deal valued at about one million and 700,000 euros.

Among other equipment, the agreement provides for the sale of guided missile frigates, amphibious assault vehicles and antitank missiles.

"The American companies involved in the arms sales to Taiwan seriously harm the sovereignty and security of China. By our Government will not in any way cooperate or negotiate with those companies "means Hong Lei, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

China has already summoned the responsible for business of the Embassy of the United States in Beijing. Says the deal violates the international law and urges Washington to withdraw on behalf of relations between the two countries in economic cooperation.

The Government of Taiwan-Chinese territory that has been ruled since independence in 1949 â€" came, however, the audience thanking the United States the authorisation given to the completion of the deal.

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