quinta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2015

COP21: presented project of agreement on climate

Ripped this Wednesday the final sprint of the climate conference, in Paris, with the submission of the project according to the 195 countries present.

The text presented by the head of French diplomacy, Laurent Fabius, who presides over the COP21, seeks to combat the most serious consequences of climate change. But, less than two days from the end of the Summit, the French Head of State, Francois Hollande, acknowledged that "there are still resistance" on the part of some countries.

In an optimistic tone, the us Secretary of State, John Kerry, said they are "determined to succeed in Paris" and said "I've never seen â€" throughout his career â€" 140 heads of Government gather in Paris on the same day, to make your personal commitment to a global deal. Everyone knows and made clear in his statements that we have reached a critical moment. There is an impetus, as never before, to achieve an agreement ".

Guess until Friday a long marathon of negotiations and the environmental organizations are still quite skeptical. Paris returned to stage this Wednesday in new protests and demonstrations, which had targeted. in particular, the headquarters of the giant Danone, accused of destroying sustainable agriculture, or its own Louvre. The protest in the most famous Museum in the French capital aimed to expose the institution's partnerships with oil Giants Total and Eni.

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