quinta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2015

Voltage: Tension between Russia and Turkey continues

Keep the tension between Russia and Turkey.

After retrieving the black boxes from the Russian fighter shot down by Turkey in October, on the border with Syria, the Kremlin warns that will only be opened with the help of international experts to figure out what in fact happened.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, said that whatever the outcome, the relationship between the two countries will not change.

"Of course we need to know where was hunting when he was shot down, but it won't change our attitude about what was done by the Turkish authorities. We treated the Turkey not only as a friend but as an ally in the fight against terror. No one was waiting for this treacherous stab. "

The Turkish Prime Minister has already said that Turkey is available to work together with Russia to prevent incidents like this occur.

However, Ahmet Davutoglu, accused Russia of being to "ethnic cleansing" in northern Syria, to try to expel the local Turkmen and Sunni Muslim populations, with the goal of protecting its military interests in the region.

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