terça-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2015

France: Educator stabbed by man who says belong to Daesh

A kindergarten teacher was stabbed in a school outside Paris.

The man, 45 years old, suffered blows on the back and neck, but no danger of life. The attack took place at 7 A.M., before the arrival of the students. According to the professor, the author of the assault have screamed that belonged to the self-titled Islamic State: "I'm from Daesh, this is a warning," he said.

The French Minister of education visited the school: "is an act of a large gravity, which happened within a school, which should be a sanctuary. We will continue, along with the Interior Minister to strengthen the security measures in a context where schools feel threatened. That we have been told by their teachers and that is why we are here, "said Najat Vallaud-Belkacem.

The France is living a climate of fear after the terrorist attacks last month in Paris. About the attacker, who was completely covered, nothing is known: the police will investigate all leads, including the terrorist, but the supposed claim of belonging to Daesh might not mean anything.

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