terça-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2015

Spain: constitutional reform pending

The fathers of the Constitution of 1978, succeeded in drafting a consensus text that allowed Spain could make the transition from dictatorship to democracy. But it remains valid in 2015?

"I don't believe that the Constitution of 1978 is obsolete. Is a relatively modern text, very advanced for its time. On the issue of human rights protection is one of the most progressive, while it is true that in 1978 could not answer some questions that today manifest themselves as problems, especially the territorial issue, "stresses Gil.

The separatist challenge in Catalonia has highlighted the limits of Spanish decentralization model, which, however, transfers part of the powers of the Central State to the regions or autonomous communities.

The professor States that it is necessary to "promote a great public debate because it is said that there is a territorial crisis important and not only to answer the question, but also Catalan, because, in reality, there are issues that are not well resolved in the Constitution: the public power distribution of powers between the central Government and the autonomous regions; the Senate should be reformed so as to become a real House that represents the will of the autonomous communities; the financing, which should lay down the fundamental principles of solidarity projects and fiscal responsibility. “

After the abdication of Juan Carlos in favor of son, Philip VI, the Spanish monarchy seems to have gained a new impetus and popularity but some people don't understand the silence of the King. Why the Crown did not assume a role in the separatist issue?

"You didn't even should have, in my opinion, because it is a symbol of the unity of the State, as the Constitution says, must exercise its authorities quietly, as it has done. Circulated some posts where made clear the position of the Crown, which is none other than the institution which represents the unity of the State ", confirms Antonio Arroyo Gil.

What are, then, the first duty of the future President of the Spanish Government, after the elections of December 20?

The teacher considers "that the future head of Government should ponder over the serious regional problem, should not ignore it. Should lead the process, inviting all the political forces to see if there is a consensus, and if appropriate, perform this constitutional reform. Would send a very clear message to the citizens of Catalonia that the Central State and the Government, in particular, to take into consideration the malaise that exists. "

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