segunda-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2015

Greece wants to open four more refugee centers in the Aegean Sea

After the clashes on Thursday, only citizens from warring countries (Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq) were again allowed to cross the border post of Idomeni line.

A problem for migrants like Nasim, of Iranian origin:

"We have a problem in order to pass because I'm Iranian and my husband is Afghan. They tell me to divorce so he can pass, but I don't want this, I want to get across the border along with my husband ".

The Greek side, Athens decided yesterday to ask the EU to manage the situation at the borders. A green light after the threat of several European countries to expel Athens of the Schengen area.

The Deputy Minister of immigration, Greek Nikos Xydakis, do not hesitate, however, to point out blame Brussels.

"Since may, that Greece has been so insistent, for technical, technological and human help and so far received from Europe much less than what we asked for."

The EU discusses the creation of a European guard to protect the border of the Schengen area.

One way to speed up patrols off the coast of Greece when the country received so far half of the 750 Frontex agents requests to 28.

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