domingo, 6 de dezembro de 2015

USA: HEY claims bombing of "followers" in San Bernardino

The Group Islamic State (EI) claimed this morning, the attack against a social Center in San Bernardino, in the us, on Wednesday.

In a radio broadcast over the Internet, the Islamist group claims that, "two followers of HEY committed the attack in San Bernardino.

#IS's daily bulletin features #SanBernadino shooting, refers to shooters as "supporters of the Islamic State".

The Islamist group suggests that will not have planned the action, referring to the couple of shooters as "followers" and not "soldiers of the caliphate"-the usual expression in actions in which he claims releases prepared by the Islamist movement.

The announcement comes at a time when us authorities are investigating the possible terrorist links of the alleged perpetrators of the attack.

According to the local press, 29-year-old Malik Tashfeen, the wife of Syed Farook, would have provided sworn to the Group Islamic State in a message published on social networks.

Researchers claim, however, does not have evidence that the armed group would have planned the attack that caused 14 dead.

In the House of the suspect, opened yesterday to journalists, the police claimed to have found an arsenal of guns and bombs budgeted in several thousands of dollars, most acquired legally.

For one of the leaders of the investigation, Dave Bowdich:

"On the basis of the information and the facts we have today, I can say that we're investigating these actions as an act of terrorism".

In San Bernardino, the mosque frequented by Syed Farook, the head of the temple, Kondokar Salhin, whose wife was also wounded in the attack on Wednesday, does not hide the revolt:

"For me this Act it is first of all a crime unrelated to the religion. An act of terrorism, a crime against humanity, kill innocent human beings. This has nothing to do with the faith ".

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