sábado, 19 de dezembro de 2015

Russia: authorities begin to analyze black box of a plane shot down by missile Turkish

Russian authorities began today to analyze the black box from the Russian plane that November 24 was shot down by a missile.

The results should be presented next Monday.

The Russian bomber was shot down over Syria, by a missile fired from an F-16 Turkish, in response to an alleged violation of Turkish airspace.

The Russian defense and Syrian authorities claim that the Russian aircraft never entered Turkish airspace.

At the press conference yesterday, the President of the Russian Federation said that "someone" Administration had decided to "lick the Americans in a certain part", and that Ankara should Moscow an "apology".

Putin added that he doesn't see any perspective to revive relations with Turkey, and the founder of the Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, should be "give rolling over in his grave" to view the "Islamization" of modern Turkey.

The plane was shot down in a region known as Turkic Mountains. Ankara accuses Moscow of bombing the Syrian territory where Turks, Syrians of Turkish descent.

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