terça-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2015

Saudi Arabia first open elections to women

About 900 of the Saudis decided to submit to the electorate, which has only 10% of women, also for the first time allowed to vote in local elections, established in 2005.

One of the candidates, al-Harbi, Fawzeya says "expected for 10 years for this opportunity, to participate as a woman in decision-making and social policies in the country". And adds that it was "one of the first" running, "since the port was opened to women.

The campaign is hampered by Saudi law, imposing total segregation and forbids pronouncing speeches before people of the opposite sex.

But a resident of Riyadh says "before it was difficult to communicate with [candidates] men, but [a woman] you can talk to her directly.

The municipal councils are the only elected organs of the Kingdom, which bans women from driving and forces you to get a male to work authorization or travel abroad.

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