domingo, 6 de dezembro de 2015

Syria, between the hell of war and ordinary life

In Syria, the fighting continue around two villages allegedly captured by armed group Islamic State.

In the ghost town of Kufra, near Aleppo, there are exchanges of fire between fighters of the Syrian army and the militants Free Daesh, believing in an amateur video revealed now.

Other images from ÄŒT (Czech State television), show the capital, Damascus, devastated by four years of civil war. The ÄŒT delivered a few days ago, an exclusive interview with Bashar el-Assad.

Linda, one of the suburbs where the war began, is one of the places where the daily fighting between the rebels and the troops loyal to Bashar el-Assad continue. When the fights don't happen on the ground, take place in the tunnels, dug by the various warring parties. Sometimes, especially tunnels arrive the night serves to exchange messages with mutual insults, sometimes each mouth of the tunnel is controlled by a different side.

Despite the destruction, there are areas of Syria that look intact capital where life might seem perfectly normal, if not the shadow of a war that has already made 250 1000 dead and 11 million displaced.

The position of the first world war as: Crew filmed THU on the front line in Damascus #Sýrie

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