domingo, 6 de dezembro de 2015

NATO ships in Turkey: "Visit" or warning to Putin?

Three NATO ships, including a Portuguese, are already on the Bosphorus in Turkey. Even if it is a routine operation of the Atlantic Alliance, this visit of the three ships is being perceived by the inhabitants of Istanbul as a reinforcement of the defense of the country, with the threat of retribution to hover, after the killing of a Russian plane by the Turks.

"I don't know what kind of equipment brings NATO, but we're expecting a retaliation by the slaughter of the plane. They're going to do something, that's why you're here, "says a resident of Istanbul.

"We are members of NATO. Any attack against us is an attack on NATO. This help is need ", says another citizen

In addition to these three ships-a Portuguese (NRP Francisco de Almeida), a Spaniard and a Canadian, NATO wants to raise the defense of Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean with more ships and strengthen the presence of planes and Patriot missiles on Turkish territory, a mission now ensured by Spain.

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