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The European Union promotes education of children and young people in Turkey the Syrian

New school for #Syrian refugee girls opens in #Turkey‘s southeastern Sanliurfa province. https://t.co/yXAyGJCBnh pic.twitter.com/ocWDk2ZhS0

"Here we learn letters and words. We learned all sorts of things, "says one of the students. Another referred to, basically, the same thing, with a smile on your face:

"We learned reading, writing letters, words. A lot! " When questioned about the future:

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" â€" don't hesitate: "Doctor".

The European Union has already provided monetary support to other educational projects for Syrian refugees in Turkey.

"The Syrians give great importance to education and we appreciate it. We don't want this generation that had to flee from their homes to suffer years and years without progress in your personal training. We want them to be able to have a career, that's the necessary foundation, "said the EU Ambassador to Turkey Hansjörg Haber.

But there are other important things. At school, managed by Unicef, also help the students to react in situations of violence.

"Experience has shown that young women and adolescents have specific needs of protection. Typically, are more exposed to violence or abuse and gender-based exploitation ", explains UNICEF's representative in Turkey, Philippe Duamelle.

In November, the number of children who do not frequantava any educational establishment was too large

Over 400,000 Syrian children in Turkey don’t attend school despite a law allowing them to https://t.co/3Gk0yfFR2T #refugeecrisis NJCM_nl<p>â€" Liberties.eu (LibertiesEU) 13 novembro 2015

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