quinta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2015

United Kingdom: Tornado Fighters bomb after British Parliament's green light

The United Kingdom already bombed targets of the Group Islamic State with Tornado fighters in Syria. The planes rose flight from a base in Cyprus.

It was right after the British Parliament to vote in favour of air strikes against the extremist group.

The proposal put forward by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, was adopted with 397 votes in favour and 223 against.

A part of the members of the labor opposition, which had freedom to vote in that session, voted in favour of the proposal.

In today's debate, which lasted about 10 hours, Cameron argued that the extremist group Islamic State is a threat to "national security" and that the intervention is "cool" and "required".

The opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn, argued that the bombing may increase the risk of attack in the United Kingdom.

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