domingo, 13 de dezembro de 2015

Women vote for the first time in Saudi Arabia

I just voted for the 1st time in my life! It feels amazing to know that I have a voice, & it matters! ����#saudiwomenvote #saudielection

130,000 women registered to vote. There are more than one million and 300,000 male voters. There is also almost a thousand candidates who compete for a seat on the City Council, against 5000 candidates.

Ehsan Shallan, 73, just voted for the first time in her life. #SaudiWomenVote

Following this tradition, of divide between men and women in the country, they have their own polling stations. Still, the important thing is to have the possibility to vote:

"My feeling? I am very proud of this improvement in Saudi Arabia and I hope, really, that are elected women today, because this is a great opportunity for the female and I think I can make a difference in this country, "Mohamad, a constituent Najd vents.

"I came to practice my natural right to choose a representative who can speak on my behalf on my city or my advice. Of course I looked at the list of female candidates and, without even meeting her personally, I voted for the candidate who felt that it will be able to speak on our behalf and satisfy our demands, "said another voter, Thuraya al-Ghamdi.

I practiced my right to vote in a historic day for Saudi women #saudiwomenvote #saudielection baladi_jeddah <a href=""></a><p>â€" Maha Akeel مها عقيل (MahaAkeel1) 12 dezembro 2015

A study of al-Mesbar says that 72.5% of Saudis don't support the candidacy of women at elections, 11.3% supports, 8.7% accept it, with reservations.

In Saudi Arabia women can't drive, they need permission from a man, usually a family member, to marry, travel abroad, work or study.

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