sexta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2016

Africanews television channel premiere and 4 January 2016

The launch of the new international news channel africanews is scheduled for January 4. platform is released in English and French. The telecast should rip the following month.

Nathalie Wakam, africanews Reporter: "Here in Ponta Negra, worked for several months to prepare for the launch. While French-speaking journalists, I and my colleagues, we choose the news and the most important stories that will be published in, a work based on our sources and our correspondents who make the coverage of the African continent. Our goal is not to just talk about West Africa or Central Africa who have a certain linguistic proximity. We will be covering other regions of the continent as the Maghreb or southern Africa. The advantage of our writing is the fact that journalists from all African countries ".

Robert K Odingo, the journalist africanews: "I totally agree. It's going to be an epic experience, work in writing and inform people about what's going on in Africa. Let's lay down on the ground the stereotypes about the continent. One of the great experiences we have lived here is contact with fellow journalists from different countries and cultures. "

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