sexta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2016

France: homage to remember victims on first anniversary of attack on Charlie Hebro

The Republic square, in the heart of Paris, was the scene of a tribute and vigil to remember the 12 victims of the terrorist attack against the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, there is exactly one year.

A first birthday, disclosed less than two months after a new series of attacks that have made 130 killed in the French capital.

The humorist Christophe Alévêque argued that "the liberty conquered after so many battles, should not be sacrificed because of the terrorist threat in the name of security: a State of emergency, security measures, revocation of citizenship. You need to be aware ".

A student claims that "there is no reason for what happened and it is important to say so and continue to read the Charlie Hebdo, go to concerts at the Bataclan, when you reopen, and go have a drink on the terrace of a bar".

The terrorist threat has returned to hover on the anniversary, with the failed attack of a man armed with a knife and a fake explosives belt against a police station of Paris, which ended with the death of the individual, which invoked the action on behalf of the extremist group Islamic State.

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