quinta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2016

Attack/Istanbul: three Russians among the suspects

The Turkish police arrested three Russian citizens suspected of having connections to the self-styled Islamic State and of being involved in the bombing Tuesday in Istanbul.

The men were held in Antalya in southern Turkey. During the anti-terrorist operation that, this morning, extended even to Izmir were seized several documents and weapons. In total, the police asked 65 people.

At least 10 people died â€" most tourists â€" and 15 were injured after a suicide bomber have triggered an explosive charge in the Centre of Istanbul.

"The target was the Turkey. It was a deliberate attack to affect our economy, "says a Turkish.

Another is the point: "it is clear that this affects tourism. 10 people died when they were visiting our country. "

The attack attributed to the radical Islamic States has not yet been claimed.

In relation to the identity of the suicide bomber, who knows until the moment that this is a man of 28 years of nationality Syria which will be born in Saudi Arabia and entered in Turkey in January.

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