quinta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2016

Belgian police identifies three apartments used by suspects in bombings of Paris

The Belgian police identified three houses used in Belgium by the suspects from attacks of Paris. The informaçção was this advanced Wednesday by Belgian Prosecutors. The two apartments and a House were leased with fake names, for one year, and rents were paid in cash. One of the accommodation is in the city of Charleroi, the other in Brussels, in the commune of Schaerbeek and the third in Auvelais village, 55 kilometres to the South of the Belgian capital, near the French border.

Researchers believe that the explosive belts were prepared Schaerbeek used by suicidal terrosristas. Inside this housing were found traces of explosives, three vests usually used in the attacks and a print of Salah Abdeslam, which has been on the run since the attacks.

At Charleroi was found a fingerprint of Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the suspected brains of the attacks, and DNA of Bilal Hadfi, one of the suicide bombers.

These houses were rented, two of them in early September and third October 5. The Prosecutor said the investigation revealed that the Seat Leon, which was used after the Paris attacks had stopped in the vicinity of Charleroi and Auvelais.

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