quinta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2016

German Minister pays tribute to the victims of the bombing of Istanbul

The heart of the Turkish tourism industry hit by the bombing Tuesday. This morning, I follow by by German Minister of the Interior, the head of the Turkish Government, Ahmet Davutoglu, visited the injured resulting from the terrorist attack that made at least ten dead, including seven tourists from German nationality. The Turkey is now part of the destinations where security creates apprehension operators and travellers.

After the visit to Haseki hospital in Istanbul, the German Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maizière stated: "I see no reason to change travel plans to Turkey. Of course there are alerts that are being sent by countries that have to be taken into account so that tourists avoid certain regions in crisis ".

The terrorists ai med especially people of German nationality, according to the head of the Turkish Government.

Before returning home a few tourists were on the scene of the attacks pay a last tribute, Sultanahmet Square.

"We were inside the Cathedral and we heard the explosion, we let ourselves be because we thought it was the safest place. But we wanted to come back here and show our condolences to the Turkish people, enjoyed the stay, I'll definitely go back to Istanbul ".

"I was away from here, but I know that the problem is serious for the whole world because of terrorism".

In Istanbul the sent of Euronews reports: "the Sultanahmet Square continues to re ceive daily visits from hundreds of tourists. Today is no different, but for a different reason. Those who came here was to homenagearem the victims of the terrorist attacks and deposit flowers or leave messages of solidarity ".

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