sexta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2016

Barbie WINS weight and part to re-conquer the world

The evolution of Barbie

#TheDollEvolves #Barbie

On the streets the views do not differ:

"For many, many years, they only had one type of doll and she is very skinny and tall, too skinny and women aren't like that, so it makes sense," says a young man.

"I think it's good because it shows what's happening in the real world and helps people feel better about themselves", said another young man.

"I like the way you changed sizes, make them different, so they are not always the s ame," says a child.

The new Barbies

We proudly offer girls more choices than ever. Learn more at #TheDollEvolves #Barbie

The new Barbie has the cover of Time magazine, this Thursday, but despite the changes the doll in the classic style will continue to be marketed.

Time Magazine

What a powerful moment and this is just the beginning… #TheDollEvolves #Barbie

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