sábado, 30 de janeiro de 2016

"The elephant out of the room": Trump out of the last Republican debate in Iowa

The favorite of suffrage that traditionally sets the tone for the rest of the campaign, chose to appear alone at a rally in Des Moines, while the last televised debate before the election.

An opportunity for the other seven candidates if the populist campaign of write off Trump, whilst evoking the same arguments, of the fight against immigration to combat the Group Islamic State.

Asked about the absence of the "elephant in the room", Ted Cruz, given as number two in the polls, joked:

"I'm a maniac and everybody in this debate is stupid, fat and ugly and Ben Carson is a terrible surgeon. Now we got rid of the ' Trump ', we can now explain to the people of this country why each of us thinks he could be the best Commander in Chief, "said Cruz.

Citing a dispute with the Fox News channel, the millionaire candidate who leads the polls preferred to attend in an alleged act of fund-raising for the war veterans.

A media coup that led Republicans and several television channels dividing between two parallel events.

Trump gets the remaining opponents to speak alone when he came to monopolize the hearings on television and on social networks.

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