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Could have been in the news: remote island looking for a farmer and a baby in the arena of controversy

One of the most isolated islands in the world is looking for a farmer to promote agriculture in the territory, in order to reduce the dependence on imports of foreign products.

The British island of Tristan da Cunha of 254 inhabitants, halfway between Africa and South America, opened a tender for the exploration of the arable land. A way to diversify agricultural production that comes down, until today, the crops of potatoes and a few hundred head of cattle.

The Hungarian Capital from Wednesday with the first café run by people with disabilities. The establishment, baptized "don't give up", has 24 employees with motor problems, AIDS or social relationship. A convivial space which aims to overcome every barrier, every day from 1:00 pm to 5: 00 pm.

OPENED! H r True:):), that opened its doors to not give up Cafe & Bar! HétfÅ 13 hours 20 l Friday, seems to have ...

The Spanish Agency for the protection of childhood is to investigate whether one of the country's best-known toreros committed an illegality to make photograph with his daughter five months, in the arena of a Plaza de Toros. The bà © bà ©, had been published on Instagram account of Francisco Rivera Ordà ³ à ± ez, with the caption, "the premiere of Carmen". The images had been strongly criticized by µ s membership of animal rights, either for collective defense of the rights of children.

Francisco Rivera Ordóñez fighting a bull while holding his baby daughter. very dangerous even withou t baby pic.twitter.com/qvykRc2rA9

One of the best known musicians of Iran was banned from performing at the Fajr international film festival, after giving an interview to a Persian channel based in London. A "atuaÃ" criticized by the Minister of culture, Ali Jannati, in the following terms: "artists should not grant interviews to foreign channels," adding that, in this way, the artists, "could lose the support of the Ministry". The artist in "tournà © e" in Europe, before moving to the us, was forced to apologize in public, to be able to be invited to the annual circuit of Iranian music festivals.

After the release of "written in the hearts of dedicated news: Fajr Music Festival #سالار_عقیلی https://t.co/gccxzv1lJf back pic.twitter.com/zzOhF5fUPL #

The Australian town of Port Lincoln returned the welcome as traditional as insomnia ³ lito "posting annual Championship of tuna" = http://www.tunarama.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Tuna%20Toss%20Fact%20Sheet.pdf. A modality inspired by fish, discharge of vessels to the Deuce µ s, as shown in this video:

Sources: telegraph.co.uk



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