quinta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2016

Black shadows over the world economy mark opening of Davos

The 46th Edition of the World Economic Forum in Davos began dipped into certain amount of pessimism. The founder of the event, Klaus Schwab, said even though he didn't remember so much trouble for the world economy at the same time. China's economic braking, the price of oil and the confrontation between Iran and Saudi Arabia, terrorism and migration or a possible way out of Britain from the European Union are concerned about investors who like stability and long-term perspectives.

One of the speakers of the day was the American Vice President, Joe Biden, who visited Switzerland to launch a challenge to leaders of multinationals: "save billions of dollars in tax havens can be good for your shareholders, but it's a steal for your country. So, get your money back and invest in your communities. "

Another of the stars of the day was the head of Iranian diplomacy. After the ballistic missile program in the face of the new American sanctions, Mohammad Javad Zarif attacked Riyadh: "Iran responded with a lot of restraint to provocations of Saudi Arabia, including its efforts to destroy the nuclear agreement. Riyadh has spent millions of dollars to kill him in the Congress. "

Besides the political issues, Javad Zarif made the journey to the Swiss Alps to attract foreign investment. On Saturday international sanctions have been raised concerning the nuclear agreement.

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