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France: Swiss UBS accused of tax evasion of 12 1000 million euros

The France is in possession of a list of French citizens 38000 bank accounts opened in Swiss Bank UBS, about eight years ago, on suspicion of having hidden from the French Government about of 12 1000 million euros. The case was revealed by the French weekly Le Point and puts the Swiss Bank at risk of having to pay compensation expense to the tax authorities.

Half of the suspicious accounts will not beyond the 1000 euros deposited, but the 100 more stuffed accumulate around 1,000,000,000 â€" only one will take about EUR 60,000,000.

EXCLUSIVE. In #LePoint this week: #Bercy unearths a treasure of 12 billion euros. to

A nother file for the year 2006, also already in the possession of French National Tax investigations Direction (DNEF, original), contains another 33 1000 accounts list of French origin, also opened in the Swiss UBS, and evaluated in other 1000 15.2 million euros, with one of these deposits of almost 10 years to get to the record value of 79.4 million euros.

The origin of deposits was established thanks to a code of three "ones" (111) at the end of each account number, which identified the holder as being French to the Swiss services.

The alleged scam against the French State started a tax investigation of trailer Germany German installations at UBS. The case has been handed over in 2012 to French courts to try to prove the possible tax evasion Swiss Bank through the deliberate seduction of French customers with poss essions to tax evasion.

UBS case: the french taxman view 38 0000 accounts hidden in Switzerland to

In 2015, the coffers will have embedded 2.65 1000 French million euros of debts and penalties. About of 85% settled accounts last year were domiciled in Switzerland. This year, the Government hopes to recover more 1000 2.4 million in adjustments.

The judges are preparing now to make the French Finance Authority the decision to open a criminal proceedings the Swiss Bank and the respective subsidiaries. "From 2014 there are no irregular accounts at UBS in Switzerland. All holders are theoretically known by the IRS ", assured Jean-Frederic de Leusse, the President of UBS-France.< br>
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