sexta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2016

Putin will "probably" approved the murder of Litvinenko

Russian President Vladimir Putin will "probably" pass the murder in London for two Russian agents, the opponent Alexander Litvinenko, according to the British judge who conducted an investigation whose findings were made public today.

Litvinenko was allegedly poisoned in a London hotel with polonium-210, a radioactive substance available only in nuclear facilities, during a meeting with two Russian spies, Lugovoi and Kovtun, who have taken the fateful Cup of tea.

The former KGB agent, killed on 23 November 2006, had become independent researcher and critic of the Kremlin and in a letter publicly accused President Vladimir Putin of ordering his murder, before he died.

The British Government opened the investigation. Litvinenko was in the service of the British spy agency MI6 and helped the Spanish security forces to combat the Russian mafia.

It is now up to judge Robert Owen to formalize or not the accusation against Russia, and also analyze the diplomatic consequences this may cause.

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