sexta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2016

Syria: Turkey accuses Russia of harming peace negotiations

The statement was made after the Forum in Davos, the head of Turkish diplomacy have accused the Russia of harming the negotiations by insisting on the inclusion of groups that Ankara considers "terrorist":

"We have supported moderate opposition forces in Syria, who fight against the Islamic State, especially in the last two weeks, near our border. But Russian planes and especially the Syrian regime have attacked the moderate opposition, instead of the Islamic State. Some circles, including the Russians, want to undermine the moderate opposition [in negotiations] by placing other elements in place, as [the Syrian Kurdish militias] of the United people's protection, who have collaborated with the regime by attacking the opposition. "

The us Secretary o f State, John Kerry, insisted on the need to respect the date of January 25 for the opening of negotiations, but the UN said there will be "probably a delay of a few days".

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