sexta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2016

Israel confirms expropriation of fertile land in the West Bank

Israel confirmed the plans to expropriate more than 150 hectares of fertile land in the West Bank, a decision that is expected to exacerbate tensions with the Western allies.

In an e-mail sent to Reuters, a unit of the Israeli Defense Ministry said that a political decision has been taken about the portion of territory, located near Jericho, walking distance from Jordan.

The Chief Palestinian negotiator, Saeb Erekat, had said Wednesday that "the international community has asked Netanyahu to stop the settlements and their response was to increase the supply of settlements and confiscation of land. Ask you to accept the two-State solution and he rejects the Palestinian State and promotes the ' Apartheid ' ".

The UN Secretary General criticized the Israeli plans, denouncing a "violation of international law".

Present at the Forum in Davos, the Israeli Prime Minister has chosen a vague answer to the question. Benjamin Netanyahu said that "is a study of territory, among many others. It's something routine and has not yet taken a decision about what to do with these lands. What was decided, was to negotiate peace with the Palestinian authorities ".

Israel has also attracted criticism from the European Union, to take down several homes of Palestinian Bedouin families in the village of El Azarie, in East Jerusalem. At least two of the houses were part of a project with European funds.

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