domingo, 24 de janeiro de 2016

Blizzard launches chaos in the u.s.

After a mild start to the winter quite to what is usual, typical of this region winter quickly settled.

More than 7000 flights had to be canceled throughout the country.

Several East Coast cities are struggling with a snow storm almost as strong as the largest in living memory.

Some public transport have also had to be closed, for a lot of people's wrath, who found himself unable to move: "it's ridiculous to close the subway because there are people who have to go to hospitals and other places that don't shut down because of snow. Difficult people, "says a user of the Washington metro.

The snow is also falling in strength in New York, a city accustomed to this landscape, but where snowstorms they always mess up everything and everyone.

Authorities have issued alerts in 20 States. Also Philadelphia and several areas of the State of Virginia are on high alert because of the weather.

A #Snowzilla spotting RT mims: <a href="">capitalweather</a>

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