domingo, 24 de janeiro de 2016

Greece/Macedonia: Blocked at the border, refugees are left in the cold

For the many migrants and refugees concentrated in Idomeni line, in Greece, near the border with Macedonia, the passage is increasingly difficult.

Macedonian authorities have restricted access. About 750 were in the field of improvised, with the increasingly low temperature. Only a few can sleep in shelters.

Doctors without borders (MSF) m set up tents and are doing what they can, "in addition to all the formalities for the identification and registration, now they are required to register at the police booth at the end of your stay in this field and say what is the country of destination. Take this paper to the border, where it is checked by the police. Can only move to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia if the document say that go to Germany or Austria. Mention other countries, are prevented from crossing the border, even if they are Syrians, Afghans or Iraqis, "says Gemma Gillie, spokesman of MSF.

MSF teams distributing essential food, water and blankets tonight at Polykastro Gas Station. It's sub zero! <a href=""></a><p>â€" Gem Gillie (GemLouGillie) January 22, 2016

The lack of shelter and food is the biggest problem facing these hundreds of refugees.

The buses that transport to the border are often stopped for a day at a nearby petrol station, the police allow the passage.

Over the last week, the bord er was closed and reopened several times by the Macedonian authorities.

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