domingo, 31 de janeiro de 2016

Brazil declares war on the Zika

"While the mosquito continue to reproduce, we will lose this fight."

In Brazil, the scientists make a fight against time to find a vaccine for the virus Zika, who continues to spread across the country.

The epicenter of the epidemic, spread by mosquitoes, is in the city of Recife, in the State of Pernambuco. Here, more than 3500 children were born with microcephaly, a brain defect that can be connected to the fact that the mother has contracted the Zika during pregnancy. President Dilma Rousseff declared war on the mosquito: "While he continues to reproduce, we will lose this fight," said the President.

End the Zika is the responsibility of all of us and each #ForaZika #ZikaZero

Health authorities are taking to heart what you said Dilma and do, how can the Aedes mosquito Aegyptus, responsible for transmitting the virus.

In Recife, the streets are being fumigated. In Campinas, in the State of São Paulo, a laboratory decided to genetically modify the mosquito. The mosquitoes with the modified gene die before reaching adulthood, and the gene is transmitted when they reproduce. Scientists hope that this measure will serve to reduce the population and prevent the spread of the virus.

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