quarta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2016

Danish Parliament approves controversial asylum law reform

Despite criticism from international organizations of Human Rights, the Danish Parliament approved, as expected, a reform in the legislation that aims to deter refugees from demanding asylum in the country.

After 4 hours of debate in the House, the controversial amendment of law of asylum received the favourable vote of 81 members. Twenty-seven were against and other non-70 vote.

The reform was proposed by an anti-immigration formation, the Danish people's Party, an ally of the minority Government.

Among the measures set forth and particularly contested, is the confiscation of sums of money above the DKK 10000 â€" the equivalent of EUR 1340 â€" and valuables of migra nts, to pay for their stay in the country. Other controversial measures include the loss of social rights and provisions that hinder the obtaining of residence permits or postpone until three years ago the family reunificações.

The Denmark saw a record number of 20000 refugees last year.

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