quarta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2016

Europe has "two months" to control the migratory crisis (Tusk)

The European Union, "a maximum of two months" to control the migratory crisis or will "face serious consequences, such as the collapse of (space) Schengen". The alert was launched, this Tuesday, by Donald Tusk, at the plenary of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

The President of the European Council went further in saying that Europe will fail as a political project "If you cannot adequately control their external borders"

Tusk explained that "Christmas period statistics are not encouraging, with the arrival in the European Union of more than 2000 (migrants) per day, according to Frontex" and that "the European Council in March will be the last chance to see if the (European) strategy is working. If not, we will face serious consequences as the collapse of Schengen ".

The registration of refugees and the mechanism of relocation are some of the points at which the strategy is failing, said Tusk.

While Europe is still looking for a solution, the EU will reinforce its borders. The Austrian President, Werner Faymann, announced that 500 more soldiers will be present at the border with Slovenia, starting this Wednesday, to be made a "systematic" of migrants and, in the next few days, those who want to move towards Scandinavia will no longer be able to enter the Austrian territory, as is already the case in Germany.

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