segunda-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2016

European Court interrogates Turkey about Bezabde

The European Court of human rights gave Turkey until day 8 to defend the curfew imposed by Ankara since mid-December in Bezabde.

The city of the East of the country, Kurdish majority, is the target of a vast Turkish forces operation against separatist rebels of the Kurdistan Workers ' Party.

The intensity of the fighting has led many residents to flee from Bezabde. A woman explains that he decided to leave his neighborhood, because it is "to be targeted by tanks and mortar attacks", forcing the inhabitants to flee to another region ".

The Turkish offensive against PKK militants did far more than 200,000 displaced people in the southeast of the country.

The European Court decided to act after the appeal of two lawyers in Diyarbakir, the main city of Kurdish majority, calling for the end of curfew in Bezabde and Turkish forces operations finish or are carried out in compliance with international standards.

According to the NGO Human Rights Watch, more than 100 civilians lost their lives in the region since July last year.

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