segunda-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2016

Hong Kong: protest against the disappearance of responsible publishers critical of Beijing

The mobilization culminated with the offices of China's Government. The protesters, who include members of the opposition, believe that the five individuals were arrested by the Chinese authorities, or by the forces of Hong Kong, at the request of Beijing.

A participant in the protest stated that "if they haven't made any arrest, should simply say so. But the fact is that both the Hong Kong Police, as the Chinese, did not respond to these issues. In terms of freedom of the press and of expression, is the hidden hand of suppression that is the scariest part. "

The Government of the autonomous region was the target of another protest this Sunday, with the participation of students and teachers, which denounced the appointment of the new President of the University of Hong Kong.

Arthur Li, former Minister of education of the Executive of Hong Kong, is considered close to the Chinese regime.

To the protesters, the appointment is an "erosion of academic freedom and institutional autonomy".

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