sábado, 2 de janeiro de 2016

High security marks new year festivities

Enhanced security and festivities still controlled Paris welcomed the new year. The main European cities threatened by jihadist terrorism receive 2016 with a strong surveillance device. In addition to Paris, Brussels had Fireworks.

London announced 2016 with about of 3 1000 officers on city streets. The traditional spectacle of fire near the Ferris wheel was kept, though.

The iconic red square in Moscow, the heart of the city where it is a tradition to celebrate the arrival of the new year, ended tonight, while 15 1000 cops zelaram the safety of Russia's capital.

The inhabitants of Sydney, Australia, by 13 hours in the year 2016, with a grandiose spectacle of pyrotechnics, after the islands of Kiribati and Samoa.

Beijing opened its doors to the year of the monkey advertising hope and positive change, according to experts.

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